Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8....Generations of Glasses...

Three Generations of Glasses in this picture.
The top pair used to belong to my Daddy.  I would assume he wore these in the 70's or 80's.  Not exactly sure because for as long as I can remember my Daddy always wore Glasses and the style very rarely changed...So when he passed away recently I saw these Glasses on the dining room table and thought I would like to have them as a memory of him...
The middle pair are mine... my brand new pair I just got less then a month ago.  I love them, I guess for as far as wearing glasses go.  I sure can see allot clearer with them.  I've been wearing Glasses since I was 17 or  Junior in High School. I am near sighted with an astigmatism.  This is actually only the fourth pair I've owned.  My first pair where the big wire rimmed ones, then went to the tiny wired ones, then a couple years back I bought the bolder framed style and since I have eye glass insurance I bought this new pair before I quit and no longer have insurance for Glasses.  I normaqlly wear contacts and glasses in the evenings.
The last pair belong to my oldest son.  These are one of his first pairs.  He got new glasses every year for several years since he was in the first grade when we discovered he needed them.  As you know kids are a lil rough on things.  However he did take really good care of them because he realized he actually could see with them.  If you look closely at the 3rd pair you will notice only one bow.  :-)  R.J too started wearing contacts in the 7th grade and loves them...He also just got a new pair of Glasses.  We switched eye doctors and this new doctor was able to help him see even better.  Yea!!!  So he picked out Oal;leys since they were on sale at 40% off.
So as for my son his eyes defiantly where inherited he also has astigmatism and just pain couldn't see.  Glasses opened up an entire new world for my son. Soon my husband will be joining this group.

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