Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7...Flippy Floppies!!

Flip-flops or other wise known as sandals, zories, slip-slaps, thongs, pluggers,  toesies, jandals or slippers around the world.
I in my world I call them Flip Flops...I wish the weather was nice year round for them...But by far my favorite style have become the Lindsay Philips Brand.  Click and check them out.
They come in several different colors and styles from everyday to a dressier.  The reason I love them is you can "Switch" the straps and match what you are wearing for that day.  All colors, flowers, stripes, blue jean, plain or what ever your fancy.  AND THEY ARE COMFORTABLE to wear all day long.
I have Blue, Brown, dressier white and two black pairs, one with a heel and one with out.

This is my latest pair...for my trip to Cancun in February!  I plan on only taking them and the straps to "Switch" to match my decor of the day.
I have several other styles of Flip Flops too, but these are defiantly my FAV!!

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