Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 21...Traildust Trucking...


Yup...Trucking...This is a couple of Trailers that my Friend from Trimont owns and a close-up of their Logo...
I drove all the way there just to take this picture...Haha...We were headed to The Mall of America and a weekend of Friendship bonding and on the way up I realized this would be a perfect picture.

Did you know there are several Trucking lingo out there?
Here is a list of some I found funny.
"Smokey and the Bandit"...Made Trucking famous!
"Bear" – a police officer. The terms "Smokey" & "Bear" are both direct references to Smokey Bear, a character image commonly seen along U.S. highways, as part of warnings not to cause wildfires. He wears a campaign hat very similar to that included in many highway patrol uniforms in the U.S. It also refers to their attitude toward most truckers in general.
"Bear Cave" / "Bear's Den" / "Bear's Lair" – a police station.
"Bear / Smokey in a plain brown wrapper" – a law officer in an unmarked police car. The term "plain white wrapper" is sometimes used, depending on the color of the vehicle.
"Bear In the Air" / "Fly in the sky" / "Spy in the sky" – a police aircraft. While state police often use fixedwing airplanes to monitor highway traffic, "fly" refers specifically to a helicopter.
"Bear In the Grass" / "Smokey in the bush" – a speed trap.
"Bear Taking Pictures" – police with radar.
"Bear With Ears" – a police officer listening to others on the CB
"Blue Bear" a Michigan State Police Trooper
"Black and White" – Highway Patrol.
"Blue Light" / "Blue Light Special" – a law enforcement vehicle, especially with a stopped motorist.
"Care Bear" – Police car located within a construction zone.  
"City Bear" – Refers to local law enforcement monitoring a particular stretch of interstate which runs through their jurisdiction.
"Full Grown Bear" – a state policeman/trooper.
"Got Bit By A Bear" – Received A Ticket.
"Kojak with a Kodak" - a police officer with a radar gun.
"Mama Bear" / "Honey bear" – a female law enforcement officer.
"Polar Bear" – an all-white highway patrol car  
"Sky Bear"  – police helicopter.
"Smokey" – a law officer. A "smokey report" is what CB users say when they have information on a law officer, such as location or current activities.
"Smokey on Four Legs" – Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
"Smokey in a plain white rapper" ; Un-marked police car


Heirloom Photo Journeys said...

I think that's a "Sneaky S" :)

Heirloom Photo Journeys said...

and a Triple T... ;)