Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some of my favorite pictures...


April in Review....

Easter At the Lake House.
This is my "Lake Daughter" and my daughter coloring eggs.

The boys opeing their gifts.

Look at this......
Its a picnic table made by my son R.J in School.  I LOVE IT!

What's going on here???????
Getting rid of a HEAVY love seat.  Easier to carry down the stairs this way.
Turned Zach's old bedroom into a office for ME!!!

Lake neighbors new home!!

New nook.  Love it!  Dock going in behind me....

A little Bling Bling...
Hard to see but we had bling strings added to ur hair for fun!
My lake neighbor in her new home with her present!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

March 7th through March 26th... Catch up Time...Picture 66 to

Picture 66
This is a teapot...Yup...a tea pot R.J found on the Internet being sold for $3,500.00 so in Pottery class he decided to make his own.  Turned out pretty neat.  R.J definitely has an artistic talent.

Picture 67
Daffodil Days.  For $10.00 this is what you get.  Pretty yellow flowers.  However when they come they look like green onions and last year someone in my family thought they were green onions so put them in the fridge and they died... Nope not an onion...A Daffodil.

Picture 68
Primghar was have an Chili Contest and raising money for the the Quasi coming up in 2013.  So on the spur of a moment after going out for supper with friends we stopped by Fareway and grabbed $80.00 worth of items and ended up with the winning Chili.  It was delish.... My favorite that Randy has ever made.  He haded a secrect ingredient...Whiskey...Shhhhh!!!!

Picture 69
Malissa needed a wind row on a farm.  So she baked a cake, planted corn and a few tree to block the wind.  Good idea.
Picture 70
Our Family pictures are now hanging up at the lake house.  These are rather cool.  They are 12x12 METAL pictures.  They look awesome on my living room wall.

Picture 71
finaly a nicer day and after four months of not seeing my great niece...she got to come spend the weekend with us.  Here she is showing off.  I can't do that.

Picture 72
Malissa jumping to....Pretty close to perfect.

Picture 73
BFF's They get along so great!
Picture 74
The girls showing off thier BFF Bracelets.  So cute.

Picture 75 & 76
The girls being SiLlY!

Picture 77
R.J got a new toy...Yes Toy...A laser that will shone up to four miles. This is one end he can add to it and gives a disco effect.
Picture 78
My silly fingernails...I had pretty fake ones on for a bit and then when they came off.  YUCK so I bought some cute decals and put on.  And Yes I wear this many rings every DAY!
Picture 79
A hydropontic tomato.  These tomatos are grown localy and were planted on Christmas Eve.  Boy did a fresh tomato taste soooo good.
Picture 80
Sammy Dog...getting greyer every day.  He can no longer hear but sure can bark to get his point across.
Picture 81
My AZULI SKYE package....
Picture 82
The display...I know maynot look like much BUT the bracelet has five charms and that is an awesome item.  My favorite.  Called Mimzi...So excited to order more...
Picture 83
Time to clean the fishy tank...oooo gross. 

Picture 84
Dad admiring the NEW, Clean, 60 gallon fish tank.  Shreck is so happy.  He's the big fish on the right side.  He's bigger then your hand and now that he went from a 28 gallon tank to a 60 gallon tank he prolly will be growing again.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 65....Tricks...

Zach throwing  popcorn up and catching in his mouth.
Heather is laughing making each of us take turns trying to do a "TRICK"

Day 64...Flowers...

These are so Pretty...I got to spend Saturday evening with my Bestie...and she brought me these. They're called Pop ems or something like that.
"True friends & true hearts: that's all that counts in life."

Day 63...Weather...

Well I will admit I didn't take a picture on Friday, day 63 of the weather.  The day was just blah.  So this is the next Day of R.J and Zach with the gator out having a lil bit of fun on Silver Lake.
You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.
 ~Franklin P. Jones

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 62...Redneck...

Lil Redneck
Thanks to my BIG Brother...He picked up a shelf for me today that sits across the washer and dryer.  However when we asked him to pick it up, I didn't know he drove his convertable to work that day.  :)
He got it home.  He had to put the roof down to get it in and then the roof would go up.  Thanks so much Larry... I love you!

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.

-Marc Brown

Day 61...Cleaning Crew...

I was so excited on Wednesday morning that we had hired some company to come clean my house.  With the basement remodel and new windows we had dust everywhere and I have no item to remove it.

However when Randy came home he found this...
The clock my late Father had made me over six years ago on the counter in pieces with a note.  They dropped it.  However Randy called the company up and their responce was..."Well your wife should of told the girls not to dust it if it was that important to you."  This clock has hung on the wall in the same spot for six years and has never fallen off the wall. so who would of thought?
But anyway...
Through loosing my parents I have come to realize that this is just a material item and it can be fixed someway by my Father-in-law, That I do have my Memories that NO-ONE will ever be able to SHATTER!!
This clock will be fixed and hung back up!
This is my thoughts on cleaning...
"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 60...Senior Pictures....

He's a SENIOR!
Here are the pictures I just picked up today...I love them.  Thanks Jons Gallery !
The one of R.J in the car is designed so people can sign it. The one of R.J on the car is actually a metal picture, It is one of my favorites.
The Tassel is worth the Hassle!

Day 59...Sammy

This lil mutt cracks me up...I think sometimes he really thinks he's a cat.  He loves sleeping on the back of the couch.  Tho he is getting older it is a lil harder for him to get up there...But he must have been feeling good tonight for this is where he laid for the majority of the evening.
A dog wags its tail with its heart.
"Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog!""

Day 58...Girl Scout Cookies....

I love Girl Scout Cookies.  I ordered 7 boxes this year.  From two different lil girls.
My favorites are the Peanut Butter Patties and the Carmel Delites.
"A balanced Diet is a COOKIE in each Hand!"

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 57 - Picture with Spray Paint

This is a picture I had made for me while in Cancun.
They made it in about 15 minutes or less, using Spraypaint, cardboard and heat.
my kids where so intrigued with the entire process.
This is actually my picture being painted for me.  Malissa and R.J watching every move.
The guy had just gotten done with the one in the left corner and I wanted the same thing in the black and greys.  No Problem. was done.
But can you imagine that is how they make their living...going from resort to resort every evening and painting in hopes you will buy one from the.  In fact we bought 2 for $25.00...The other one we purchased is the top left with the pyramid...reminded Zach of the El Ray ruins we saw on our Hummer Tour.

Day 56 - Weekly Challenge WHITE

See the trim of white?  That's my new window reflecting the light.
There was a stain glass window here before and it is going back up as a hanging this time instead of part of the actual window.  To keep the character of this old home!

Day 55 - Thursday's

The sky was beautiful this early morning heading out...The sunrise is quick and if you aren't looking at the right moment you will miss it.

"With each sunrise, we start a NEW day!"

Day 46-54...Cancun Vacation

Picture - 46 - The Great Parnassus
The Resort we stayed at on our trip to Cancun, Mexico.  I would highly recommend this resort to anyone with kids.  We traveled with a group of 20 and ages ranged from the youngest of 12 to 23 for kids.  We all had amazing time.  Wonderful beach, view, weather and SUN!!

 Picture 47 - The Beach
My friend insisted on taking our picture...then after she told us why...Speedo in the background...

Picture 48 - Sushi
Malissa was trying to figure out how to use chopsticks one night while eating at a Japanese restaurant.  I was very proud of the kids on this vacation, they tried allot of different things.  May not have liked them all but at least they would try.

Picture 49 - Parents
If it wasn't for the parents the kids wouldn't have gotten to go...

 Picture 50 - Para sailing
This is Malissa and R.J...They had fun doing this, however, they ended up having a half an hour boat ride prior to going in the sir and Malissa got a lil sea sick.  But she admitting the ride was fun.

 Picture 51 - Tequila Volley Ball
All the men on the trip played Tequila Volleyball with entertainment worker Kendra...Kendra was a hit with all the "Guys".  From Tequila Volley ball, sand volleyball to water polo.  As one from our group said, "darn, we have to go play Volleyball with Kendra.   See ya!"

Picture 52-  Hummer
We went on the Hummer Jungle Tour.  We had four Hummers and four Seniors so the Seniors got to drive the Hummer on the main streets in Cancun.  The tour also included visiting the Mayan ruins called El Rey, zip-lining in an under ground cenote and jumping from a 17 and 30 ft into a cenote and we were lucky to have EZ as our guide. He knew alot about Cancun history and was allot of fun.  This is a all day event but well worth the time and money!

Picture 53 - Souveniours
This was the biggest hit...Hand made personalized barclets.

Picture 54 - Margarita ville
Of course you cant go to Cancun with out visiting Margarita Ville.  Here the girls relaxing in the chair outside.

I decided to Just say picture instead of Day  since in Mexico the Days get all mixed up and everyday felt like a Saturday.
"A vacation is having nothing to do all day to do it in."