Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 28...FaceBook Challenge...Window

Digital Photography posted a weekly challenge so my sis and I decided on Fridays we would post what ever their challenge is...
For my WINDOW shot I choose my lake view...We designed the entire house on the view.  If I'm going to live on a lake I want to know I'm on a lake all the time.  Its like being on vacation everyday when I look out my BIG WINDOWS.
Whether it is winter or summer I still love my view from MY WINDOWS!!
I know my photo isn't as cool as other ones in the challenge BUT it's my favorite view!
What to see what others posted click on Digital Photography and take a peak.

1 comment:

Anthony Blommel said...

Well, that is pretty BIG! We also have big windows in our house, and I just love looking through it every morning, because that's where I always see the sunrise.