Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17...Primghar...

Where we chose to raise our Family.  We moved to PRIMGHAR back in January of 1993.  I was pregnant with R.J and living in Storm Lake when we decided we didn't want to raise a familyy there so one day we drove toward Sheldon looking for a place to live, and on the way there we drove through this lil community (PRIMGHAR) and decided to see if there was anything to rent.  The first and probably the only home for rent was from the Deputy sheriff for $175.00 a month.  So we took it.  We then bought a started home in 1995 for $8,500, moved from that home into this one below in 1998 and were we currently remain untill Malissa graduates in 2017.
Primghar was settled in the fall of 1872. Its name is an acronym derived from the names of eight early settlers who laid out the town. A poem celebrates their last names.
The only PRIMGHAR in the World
Pumphrey, the treasurer, drives the first nail
Roberts, the donor, is quick on the trail
Inman dips slightly, the first letter in
McCormack adds M, which makes a full PRIM
Green, thinking of groceries, gives the G
Hayes drops the H without asking a fee,
Albright, the joker, with his jokes all at par
Rerick brings up the rear and crowns all...

Author unknown.
356 Day Photo Challenge has been fun for me.  I really enjoy seeing what we can come up with...
My Sister is still going to over at Heirloom Photo Journeys.

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Heirloom Photo Journeys said...

Cool, I never knew how Primghar got its name....Thanks for the history lesson!