Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 57 - Picture with Spray Paint

This is a picture I had made for me while in Cancun.
They made it in about 15 minutes or less, using Spraypaint, cardboard and heat.
my kids where so intrigued with the entire process.
This is actually my picture being painted for me.  Malissa and R.J watching every move.
The guy had just gotten done with the one in the left corner and I wanted the same thing in the black and greys.  No Problem. was done.
But can you imagine that is how they make their living...going from resort to resort every evening and painting in hopes you will buy one from the.  In fact we bought 2 for $25.00...The other one we purchased is the top left with the pyramid...reminded Zach of the El Ray ruins we saw on our Hummer Tour.

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