Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 36...FaceBook Profile Picture...

My Profile Picture
I know it was supposed to be last Wednesday Post...But I'm a little scattered brained this past week or so.  :)  Sooo anyway a few days late...
This is my BFF...Beautiful, Fabulous Friend, Lenore.
She is my next door neighbor on wweekends at the Lake HHouse.  Her and I have become the BEST of Friends.  We even cried when fall was over and they had to take their camper home.  :(
I talk to her almost daily in some form...usually Facebook or texting and we try and see each other at least once a month through the winter.  We have a count down going till April First when She will bring her camper back to Silver lake then we will see each other almost every weekend till October.
For you're the "U", and I'm the "S"
And forever that will be...
Cause together we make "US"
Love ya Lenore!!

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