Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 46-54...Cancun Vacation

Picture - 46 - The Great Parnassus
The Resort we stayed at on our trip to Cancun, Mexico.  I would highly recommend this resort to anyone with kids.  We traveled with a group of 20 and ages ranged from the youngest of 12 to 23 for kids.  We all had amazing time.  Wonderful beach, view, weather and SUN!!

 Picture 47 - The Beach
My friend insisted on taking our picture...then after she told us why...Speedo in the background...

Picture 48 - Sushi
Malissa was trying to figure out how to use chopsticks one night while eating at a Japanese restaurant.  I was very proud of the kids on this vacation, they tried allot of different things.  May not have liked them all but at least they would try.

Picture 49 - Parents
If it wasn't for the parents the kids wouldn't have gotten to go...

 Picture 50 - Para sailing
This is Malissa and R.J...They had fun doing this, however, they ended up having a half an hour boat ride prior to going in the sir and Malissa got a lil sea sick.  But she admitting the ride was fun.

 Picture 51 - Tequila Volley Ball
All the men on the trip played Tequila Volleyball with entertainment worker Kendra...Kendra was a hit with all the "Guys".  From Tequila Volley ball, sand volleyball to water polo.  As one from our group said, "darn, we have to go play Volleyball with Kendra.   See ya!"

Picture 52-  Hummer
We went on the Hummer Jungle Tour.  We had four Hummers and four Seniors so the Seniors got to drive the Hummer on the main streets in Cancun.  The tour also included visiting the Mayan ruins called El Rey, zip-lining in an under ground cenote and jumping from a 17 and 30 ft into a cenote and we were lucky to have EZ as our guide. He knew alot about Cancun history and was allot of fun.  This is a all day event but well worth the time and money!

Picture 53 - Souveniours
This was the biggest hit...Hand made personalized barclets.

Picture 54 - Margarita ville
Of course you cant go to Cancun with out visiting Margarita Ville.  Here the girls relaxing in the chair outside.

I decided to Just say picture instead of Day  since in Mexico the Days get all mixed up and everyday felt like a Saturday.
"A vacation is having nothing to do all day to do it in."


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