Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Beginnings...

I decided to start another blog where I could post my pictures that I have edited or made into a scrapbook pages. I enjoy spending time just seeing what I can do with a picture. I wish I had a full time job that this is what I did all day long. So I welcome any advise that any of you blogging friends may have. Whether it is from a quick tip or a awesome website that you may have found. Please let me know. So here are a few to get the blog a rolling. ENJOY!!
Some of these pictures I created quite a bit ago and don't quite remember what all I used. But now that I started this I can post right after I create and remember.
The lil girls photos were fun creating adding "Stickers". The balloons and flowers. The barn is on the farm I grew up on.
Just remember comments Welcomed!

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Dijea said...

I LOVE the barn. Its says a lot.